Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 8, 2009

My name is Dawn, and I am divorced twice, and currently dating a wonderful man named Mike. I have 3 wonderful and beautiful cats, pictures forthcoming at a later date.
I have struggled throughout my life with depression and anxiety and panic attacks, I also have some health problems that I also struggle with on a daily basis. 
Back Surgery-back pain
Chiari Malformation Type 1-more information forthcoming at a later date on what this is and how it affects me and the signs and symptoms, mostly I have bad headaches ALL THE TIME, among other problems that this disorder causes and creates.
e-coli infection that did some damage to my kidneys in 2003.
Gastric Bypass surgery 1998-I used to weigh 280 pounds before I had this done.
Depression-since I was a teenager
anxiety-panic disorder-I have always had this to a degree but it got really bad in 2006 and I still have bouts of it.
Hashimotos disease (overactive thyroid, makes too many hormones)
These are the main things that bother me or have caused me problems past and/or present.
I enjoy music, so many kinds, whatever my mood is, I listen to everything from heavy metal to jazz, to oldies, I do not like classical, opera, rap, blues or reggae.
I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) I have been my whole life. I served an honorable mission for the church from 1989-1991 in the Greatest Mission in the World- The Pennsylvania Harrisburg Mission in the central part of Pennsylvania. It was a great learning experience and I met so many great and wonderful people! I am proud that I chose to do this for the Lord, and there were many people that helped me to accomplish this goal, of whose names I will never know, from the Ward I was in at that time.
I have struggled with my membership ever since I got home, I stopped going to church and picked up some bad habits. HOWEVER my testimony has never faultered from my knowledge that this is the only true church on the face of the earth and Jesus is the head of this church! The Book of Mormon is true as is The Holy Bible among all the other books and teachings of our prophets and leaders. I received and answer from my Heavanly Father that this is all true, I cannot deny what I know to be true, I am only human and I have made some mistakes in my life, but nothing that cannot be repented of.
Life is a struggle, it has it's ups and downs, curently I am unemployed, and have been for over a month now, the job market is not so good, stuff I am not qualified for or physically not able to do, nor have the experience for. I have a prospect that looks good, but have yet to interview for it, well the 2nd interview anyway with a different supervisor, but it will require me to move to another city that is over an hour away, but in these times you have to do and go where the work is, and this job would be really good experience for what I originally went to college for, which is Criminal Justice, and if I can do this job for at least 2 years, I could could then get into the Parole and Probation system, to be a parole or probation officer. which is why I decided to go and get my bachelor's degree in the first place.
I am currently 41 years old, my birthday is February 22, 1968, I am the oldest child AND the oldest grandchild on both sides of the family.
my brother is 28 and is single, and my sister is 25 and is married with 2 kids, a boy and a girl.
I enjoy reading, movies, gardening (when I can have a garden) and listening to music
I hate to clean! sorry... :)
well this is the start of my blog, I hope you didn't get too bored...
thanks for reading.

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  1. great start to your blog. I am glad you are doing one. If you get a little bored you can read mind.